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The Icebreaker is on the ice. Click here to view the camera feed.

TICKETS: $2.00 per guess  

GRAND PIZE:50% of Total Cash Purse
$500 in Firestone Tires from MR. TIRE
2 Passes to the Bark River International Raceway.

Get your Tickets at these Outlets:

Adams Grocery, Bark River Lions Club Member, Mr. Tire Locations, Auto Value, Delta County Chamber of Commerce, Joe's Marathon, Lakeshore Chiropractic, Lantagne's Auto Body, Northern Plumbing & Heating, Rosy's Diner, Splash of Color, Inc.

Prior sink dates:

4-19-13 (3:54 p.m.)

3-17-12 (5:05 p.m.)
4-10-11 (9:02 p.m.)


The contest will end when the Icebreaker Truck is FULLY SUBMERGED in Little Bay De Noc. A live web cam will record the exact date and time of the end of the contest.

The ticket entry with the exact date and time (to the minute) shall be declared the winner. If more than one entry matches the exact date and time, the cash prize will be split equally amongst the number of entries with the correct date and time. The winner of the remaining non-cash prizes will be determined by a random draw to determine the winner.

If no ticket exactly matches the date and time, the winners will be determined by the entries that are closest to the exact date and time on either side of the exact time that the truck submerged. (Minimum 2 Winners). If more than one ticket matches, that portion of the cash prize will be divided equally amongst the winners. All non-cash prizes will be determined by random draw.


ECO-Friendly Statement:
The Bark River Lions Club has approval from the Michigan DNRE for this contest.

In Addition: The Delta County Search and Rescue Dive Team will retrieve the truck as a training exercise.


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